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I did it because that man works so hard.  And if anyone needs recognition it is this guy.  He needs to be put into mainstream And Fast.  I would like anyone who hears his music to just leave a quick comment and let me know what you think.  

Hmm.  On another not I wonder how long it will take chris to realize who put this site together.  It will be crazy to hear his reaction because right now he has no idea who it is.  And neither do any of you. 

For everyone looking at this page.  No Christian did not do this.  And yes I do have the ability to set performaces up for Christian.  And yes I do have the ability to answer Comments or Questions.  Well I think with that Christian may have a clue who I am now.

Leave some comments and recommend this site lets some traffic and Dont forget to hit that LIKE button.

Till later peace people And dont forget to follow me on twitter.
3/15/2011 00:06:25

I think is a nice site ... came to my site at www.chorddigital.blogspot.com or www.dolananmusik.blogspot.com


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    I know Christian Personally.  This guy is probably one of the most level headed people I know.


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