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Christian has been working like crazy.  That man never takes a break.  Little does he know I will be taking his computer even if only for one day.  Dont tell him he doesnt know yet.

On another note there has been progress made.  The site has has 291 Viewers.  Now all we have to work on is getting yall to  "Like, and tweet it" 

I will keep you all updated on our progress. 

Also I have updated the site.  If you didnt notice the difference turn your speakers up.  You get a free preview here.
3/20/2011 06:16:56 pm

One of the best new performers to have arrived on the music scene in years. Top quality material, this will be big.

11/10/2011 04:24:31 pm

yall just don't know..... This artist has be working hard. tweet him at!/ReelMuziq and follow. well worth it

7/15/2012 02:07:32 pm

nice post


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    I know Christian Personally.  This guy is probably one of the most level headed people I know.


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