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A New Hip Hop artist lyrically capable to take the world by storm.

Christian Bindah is an Up and Coming Hip Hop artist definately worth taking a look at.  Christian is an artist who brings the art form back into music.  You want to hear a message,  a story about the struggles of everyday life.  Christian has been through it all and still manages to keep a positive mentality.   He shares his life experiences and basically teaches us through his music,  Or his stories as I like to call them.   He has been told on several occasions that he is "Too deep to be signed"  And if you truly listen to his music you will understand why.  

Tupac was deep and he was and still is known as one of the most respected rappers that ever existed.  With songs like " Dear Mama" and "Smile"  Tupac made music that people can relate to.  Tupac has shared his life experiences with us to teach us a thing or two.  And he has made his mark in the music industry.  He was and will forever be a legend.  Christian Bindah has the ability to follow in the footsteps of this legend.  

Christian has been blessed with a gift to be able to reach people from every walk of life.   Be warned though some of his music has the ability to bring tears to your eyes.   If you have been through the struggle and allow yourself to truly relate to what this artist speaks of,  YOU and YES I MEAN YOU.  Will be touched,  You will be forever grateful that someone has the willingness and courage to speak of matters that reach people.  His music can be played in the clubs but it is his "Music with a Message" That he will be known for.  With every word that Christian speaks you will feel as if it were "Meant" for you to hear.   He is determined to get his message out there.  And his message is something we need to hear.  Everybody has a story to tell,  And Christian tells his story through his music.  He basically lays out his entire life on this album.  You have the opportunity to KNOW this artist,  His Life, His Struggles, His Dream, His Passions, His Enjoyments and his Fears.   How many artists open up their life for the world to hear.  Christian is opening up to us.  The question is WILL WE LISTEN.   

Go to the album page and click on the song titles.  It will take you to an itunes page where you can buy the entire album.   You will be shocked the true value of Christians words.

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